Persistently Poor Regions Would Welcome a Little Gentrification

At a recent Opportunity Finance Network conference, a colleague expressed concern about a “paradox” facing some urban areas in the country where community development financial institutions (CDFIs) have invested. The success of CDFIs in attracting investment has transformed these once-distressed neighborhoods into communities with flourishing housing stock, strong schools, health care facilities, and a thriving market. READ MORE

Toward a Community Vision for Equitable Economic Development

Washington, DC, has prospered in the last decade and a half, attracting many new residents, businesses, and investments. But for residents living in neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River (a part of the city many refer to simply as “east of the river”), the story has been different. In this context, the City First Foundation, an affiliate of City First Bank of DC, convened the Equitable Economic Development East of the River conference in November of 2015 to address how DC can bring more of its newfound prosperity to neighborhoods east of the river in a way that equally benefits current and new residents. LEARN MORE